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Adding Slot Machines By Illinois Gaming Companies

Mar 18, 2021 | Blog Posts, Illinois Gaming Companies

If you’re thinking about joining the Illinois video gaming industry and Illinois gaming companies adding slot machine revenue to your small business, you happen to be in the appropriate location. The Illinois Video Gaming Act was introduced on July 13, 2009, regulating slot machines in licensed establishments in Illinois. The Video Gaming Act legalizes the usage of up to 6 video gaming terminals (VGTs or slot machines) within the following types of establishments. Video gaming terminals are also called video lottery terminals in some places since the state lottery regulates them. They are simple in a substance: A console using a laptop or computer inside and exterior controls.

Players can wager dollars and, determined by the game’s outcome, either shed their wagers or obtain a return on their investments. You cannot play the games unless you wager a minimum quantity. The presentation of your games varies from console to console. Some consoles offer you, players, a choice of many games as well. Nonetheless, most are depending on virtual representations of physical card games or slot reels.

What Would Be the Illinois Laws with Regards to VGTs?

Merely put, there are many regulations and statutes governing video gaming terminals. What’s more, some municipalities inside the state have their very own requirements for the machines that Illinois gaming companies are also possessing. By far, the most significant legal standards for interested players, even so, involve accountable gambling. That includes a minimum age, self-exclusion, and acceptable licensure. If you are younger than 21 years old, you cannot even step foot within the gaming location inside a building exactly where VGTs operate. If you’ve self-excluded yourself from gambling in IL, it is also on you to help keep out of these locations. Finally, it is only legal to play these games if the operator and website have a valid license. Playing illegal VGTs leaves you liable to neighborhood and state prosecution.

Some cities, counties, and towns in Illinois have restricted or outlawed VGTs within their borders; though, they may be legal inside the eyes of the state. The Illinois Gaming Board maintains a list of which local governments have such ordinances that it updates day-to-day. That body has regulated Illinois gaming companies and VGTs within the state because IL legalized VGTs in 2009 with all the Video Gaming Act. Having said that, the latest gambling law in 2019 updated various sections of that act. The Video Gaming Act governs many elements of VGTs, including who can play a VGT, who can operate it, who can service the machines, and how payouts must be handled.

Who Can Host VGTs in Illinois?

Illinois law permits a variety of brick-and-mortar Illinois gaming companies to host VGTs. Nevertheless, accounts have to be kept separate for the VGT operations and any nonprofit or for-profit organizations operating in identical buildings. In addition, gaming locations must be separate from other parts of the construction. The IGB maintains a list of current establishments licensed to present VGTs.


Video Gaming is regulated by the Illinois Gaming Board. Licensed establishments can have up to 5 video gaming terminals at their locations.

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