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Gaming Laws Towards Illinois Video Gaming Terminals

Jun 2, 2020 | Blog Posts, Illinois Video Gaming

Games of possibility in Illinois dating back to the early 1800s when it initially became a state. But back then, any kind of gambling was illegal per nearby laws. The only Illinois gambling or gaming activities to become identified had been by means of underground groups or on illegal riverboat casinos.

Illinois gambling laws and regulations have been created to enable the legalization of horse racing in the 1920s. Because then, many lotteries have already been permitted in addition to the Riverboat Gambling Act of 1990. This opened the door for the ten existing casinos Illinois video gaming terminals.

About ten years ago, yet another key turning point in Illinois gambling laws produced the state a lot more progressive and gave men and women the freedom to take part in further types of gambling. The Illinois Video Gaming Act was enacted at this time and permits companies like bars and restaurants to possess as many as six slot machines and take part in video gambling activities in Illinois. Also, gambling laws enable any total of ten Illinois VGTs to become utilized at big truck stops. This Illinois gambling act is enforced and maintained by the Illinois Gaming Board.

Forms of Gambling Permitted by Illinois Gaming Laws

Illinois slot machines along with other Illinois video gaming machines are now legal within the state so long as the place has the essential gambling licenses. You could possibly be asking yourself if it is okay to possess either an antique or video slot machine within your personal dwelling. Per Illinois gambling laws, locals are permitted to personal slot machines provided that they are a minimum of 25 years old in the present date. But bear in mind, these Illinois slot machines usually are not to become set up as a mini-casino out of your house, with Illinois gambling laws declaring they need to “not be employed within the operation or promotion in any unlawful gambling activity or enterprise.”

Horse-racing is but a further well-known kind of gambling that has been permitted by Illinois gambling laws because of the 1920s. Even though it was immensely well-liked for a lot of years, the sector has slowed not too long ago and has noticed a decline in each earnings and participation.

How Illinois Video Gaming Machines are Being Monitored?

The Illinois Gaming Board will be the State Agency that regulates all elements of gaming in Illinois. IGB Agents are stationed at each and every casino in Illinois. Gaming cannot happen at a casino unless these IGB Agents are present. Getting this continuous presence is useful when and if troubles arise with slot machines around the gaming floor. In contrast, video gaming places do not possess the luxury of a continual physical IGB presence. As an alternative, the Video Gaming Act calls for that each VGT inside the State to be hooked to and monitored by a central communications technique (“CCS”). The IGB contracted using a business known as Scientific Games International (“SGI”) to create and preserve the CCS. SGI can remotely carry out actions like turning machines off and on (pursuant to every single licensed location’s liquor pouring hours), or perhaps shut off a precise game if you’ll find troubles or issues with it.


Video Gaming is regulated by the Illinois Gaming Board. Licensed establishments can have up to 5 video gaming terminals at their locations.

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