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Getting Illinois Gaming License Approval

Nov 22, 2020 | Blog Posts, Illinois Gaming License Approval

Becoming a licensed video gaming establishment in Illinois needs an investment of work and organizing. There are lots of regulatory and technical tasks to finish as a way to get out of your initial thought to operating video gaming terminals (VGTs) at your place. It might all look daunting initially.

In Illinois, you will find 4 forms of establishments that may operate video gaming: Retail establishments with an on-premise liquor license, licensed fraternal establishments, licensed veterans establishments, and licensed truck quit establishments. You’ll find some non-traditional establishments also, however they nevertheless need to have to fall below that broad category. There are actually more than six,700 establishments with video gaming in Illinois, which is by far the biggest of any state.

The method of meeting every with the Illinois gaming license specifications in the Illinois Gaming Board could be an intimidating venture. So, how do you acquire a gaming license for the bar, restaurant, truck quit, or fraternal organization? To produce factors effortless on you, we’ve place collectively this all-inclusive list to acquire you began.

Gaming License Background Verify

Certainly one of the very first steps of Illinois gaming license approval in the IGB will conduct background verification. Per the Illinois Video Gaming Act, anybody requesting an Illinois gaming license approval in the Illinois Gaming Board might be expected to finish this background verify. The gaming license background verify will investigate crucial information like full audits of each company owners and employees in the Illinois video gaming establishment, public records of any felonies or crimes like misdemeanors, unsettled debts, and domestic difficulties, failed drug tests, and failure to adhere to Video Gaming Act processes together with the establishment signage and also other needs.

What Causes Disqualification From Illinois Gaming Board?

As a restaurant, bar, or company owner, you could possibly be asking yourself what can disqualify you from acquiring a gaming license in Illinois. An Illinois gaming establishment really should prepare for these Illinois gaming license needs to make sure they may be not disqualified from acquiring a gaming license and video slot machines in the Illinois Gaming Board. View the complete list of actions that could disqualify you from obtaining a gaming license.

Bear in mind, these items can disqualify you from acquiring a gaming license in the Illinois Gaming Board. Nonetheless, they might not normally avoid your establishment from getting Illinois gaming systems or maybe a gambling license. Nevertheless, it is significant that you’re truthful around the application and incorporates each of the needed details. A set of fingerprints is going to be expected for each and every owner in the establishment by the Illinois Gaming Board through the initial sign-up, and gaming license background checks are going to be reviewed each year.

So, you’ll find plenty of issues that can disqualify you from receiving a gaming license. The lengthy list of Illinois gaming license approval requirements could look pretty daunting. So, how need to you get a gambling license? Thankfully, Amazing Hand Gaming is definitely an Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator that may be ready to assist guide you from start to finish. Using a total of ten actions, the web application will overview numerous in-depth particulars and confirm your qualifications.


Video Gaming is regulated by the Illinois Gaming Board. Licensed establishments can have up to 5 video gaming terminals at their locations.

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