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How to Host Illinois Video Gaming Terminals?

Jan 6, 2021 | Blog Posts, Illinois Video Gaming

Video gaming terminals are also called video lottery terminals in some places simply because the state lottery regulates them. They may be straightforward in a substance: A console with a computer inside and exterior controls.

Illinois video gaming is extremely related to a slot machine that you would see in a casino. An individual inserts cash into a VGT to gamble by playing video poker or blackjack game. Players can wager dollars and, primarily based on the game’s outcome, either drop their wagers or obtain a return on their investments. You can’t play the games unless you wager a minimum quantity.

The presentation on the games varies from console to console. Some consoles present players a decision of multiple games as well. Having said that, most are primarily based on virtual representations of physical card games or slot reels. Now that you know what a VGT is, the following important factor in understanding is tips on operating a single from a player’s point of view. It is just as uncomplicated as a slot machine at a casino.

How Do I Play a VGT?

If you’ve ever played a slot machine at an Illinois casino, you will be a rapid study on Illinois video gaming. Operating most of the gaming machines is essentially identical. Following your location, your wager acceptable towards the game you’re playing at the time. You will press a button to begin the game. The computer inside determines the play’s result primarily based on the operator’s algorithm and then displays that outcome on the screen.

You could play for so long as you like, although there are actually state guidelines about maximum wagers and wins. The maximum amount you could wager on 1 play is $4. State law restricts the maximum cash award for a single play to $1.19.

Some games function as progressive jackpots, which means the prize pool grows as players play but usually do not win. The state maximum for any money payout of that form of a prize is $10,000. Individual operators can supply bonus prizes relative to their certain places, nevertheless. Equivalent to playing a slot at a casino, machines dispense tickets that players can use to money out. State law does give establishments up to three days to spend certain prizes, but players can claim most prizes upon demand.

These aren’t the only legal standards for Illinois VGTs. The state regulates almost every aspect, from installation to operation to how they’re delivered and transported.

Who Can Host VGTs in Illinois?

Illinois law permits several different brick-and-mortar establishments to host VGTs. Even so, accounts should be kept separate for the VGT operations and any nonprofit or for-profit organizations operating within identical buildings.

Also, gaming locations have to be separate from other parts in the development. Potential operators need to obtain and keep licensure using the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB). The IGB also restricts which providers on the game operators can work with, presently recognizing only 5 such firms. The IGB maintains a list of current establishments licensed to give Illinois video gaming terminals.


Video Gaming is regulated by the Illinois Gaming Board. Licensed establishments can have up to 5 video gaming terminals at their locations.

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