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Illinois Video Gaming in Pouring Establishments

Apr 19, 2021 | Blog Posts, Illinois Video Gaming

On average, an establishment that offers Illinois video gaming terminals (VGT’s) generates $75,000 a year in commissions. That is not chump alter.

The Fundamentals of Running an Illinois Video Gaming Establishment

It became possible to run a business that incorporated gambling machines when Illinois passed the Illinois Video Gaming Act in 2009. The law specified 4 sorts of establishments seeking licenses to supply video slot machines if regional ordinances permitted.

Pouring Establishments

As the name applies, they are businesses using a liquor license to serve alcohol on-premises. Bars, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and dual license retailers are all deemed pouring establishments like truck stops. They are gas stations or convenience stores that occupy at least 3 acres, have separate diesel stands for industrial autos, designated industrial automobile parking, and sell a minimum of 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel or biodiesel fuel monthly; and veterans’ and fraternal organizations with national charters.

Exactly Where to Locate Slot Machines Along with Other Illinois Video Gaming Terminals

It seems that new forms of video slots emerge just about every day, but most might be categorized into a few simple approaches. Classic slots provide knowledge comparable to playing retro mechanical slots. They provide three reels, simple graphics, and tiny to no bonus options. Fruit machine slots are also reflective of vintage themes and use the classic fruit symbols on machines of extended ago. The five-reel video slot is by far possibly one of the most popular sorts of web slot games right now. With scatter and wild symbols, gamble characteristics, free-of-charge spins, and themes reflecting every single feasible hobby outdoors, the casino, there, in fact, is truly enjoyable 5-reel slot expertise for everyone. Some game developers are introducing slots with seven and, in some cases, nine reels for any lot far more interactive excitement.

How Can Owners Maximize Their Illinois Video Gaming Establishment Income?

As you could see, the tax enhances notwithstanding, the majority of these alterations are to the organization owner’s advantage. Make certain to stick to these guidelines to maximize your VGT revenue. Initially, make sure to market and market your video slots both outdoors and inside your company (as permitted by local ordinance). Put signs, posters, etc., where they can’t be missed. Subsequent, promote your video gambling on social media platforms. Supply incentives like free-of-charge coffee, soft drinks, snacks, and/or meals specials specifically for VGT players. Then, present friendly, engaged, and knowledgeable employees to help video slot players in their gaming experience.

Also, owners need to make certain their restrooms are clean. Optimally, they should also be close to the gaming area, and the gambling area is appropriately lit for any pleasant and fascinating atmosphere (not too bright, not as well dark). The additional idea is to create a private gaming environment by putting up half-walls (6’ tall or extra), constructing a separate gaming room, or otherwise dividing the space from your key dining location segregated rooms. Open early to bring in matinee players. Open on Sundays if they’re able to.


Video Gaming is regulated by the Illinois Gaming Board. Licensed establishments can have up to 5 video gaming terminals at their locations.

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