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Profitability of Illinois Video Gaming Terminals

May 22, 2021 | Blog Posts, Illinois Video Gaming

Because the State of Illinois passed the Video Gaming Act in 2009, revenues from Illinois video gaming terminals (VGTs) have improved drastically. Numbers don’t lie: in September 2012 when the first VGTs went live in Illinois, net earnings from VGTs was $90,053.86. It has significantly continued to climb with every single passing month, for the last 5 years. In September 2017, net revenue was at $109,907,250.35. That is more than 1,000% raise more than the course of 5 years. With numbers like that, it’s secure to say that adding a VGT for your modest business is accompanied by some quite impressive monetary advantages.

What Are Video Gaming Terminals?

To start, a VGT is quite related to a slot machine that you’d see in a casino. Someone inserts revenue into a VGT so as to gamble, by playing a game that includes video poker or blackjack. The Video Gaming Act authorizes organizations like bars, truck stops, and fraternal or veteran organizations to possess up to 5 VGTs on-premises.

The game mechanics are identical, with RNG-generated outcomes. There are a few notable variations between casino slots and Illinois VGTs, however, Most licensed Illinois gaming establishments are permitted a maximum of six VGTs per place (huge truck stops are permitted up to 10 positions, even though some municipalities further restrict the amount of VGTs per location). Consequently, gaming companies have created multi-game software program packs that provide, on typical, between six and ten distinctive game titles per cabinet. Players can switch between game titles on a single VGT without needing to cash out.

As of this writing, you will find also no progressive jackpots on Illinois VGTs. The maximum bet allowed on a single spin is capped at $4, with a maximum single spin win of $1,199. Person game titles have distinctive bet and win structures.

Enhanced Income At Illinois Video Gaming Terminals Causes Revenue Declined for Casinos

As we’ve got seen a rise within the quantity of VGTs all through the state, casinos have seen a considerable impact on their revenues. Furthermore, because the number of Illinois casinos is poised to additional increase, current casinos will face more challenges in safeguarding their marketplace share.

Why the decline in casino revenue? Simply place, the statewide variety of slot machine positions has increased. With practically 7,500 licensed gaming establishments in Illinois, players no longer have to have to produce that intentional trip to the casino, opting as an alternative to play without leaving their neighborhood.

Illinois Video Gaming Terminals and Casino Gaming Board Regulations

When it comes to regulations, Video Gaming Terminals have unique regulations to follow than casinos. Inside a casino, Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) agents have to be present inside the casino all the time. In contrast, the monitoring of VGTs in licensed establishments is coordinated remotely. A central communications program keeps track of every single bet placed all through the state and provides the IGB complete control to remotely turn the machines off, disable solutions, deactivate games, and shut the machine down. IGB agents periodically inspect the practically 7,500 areas to make sure of on-site compliance.


Video Gaming is regulated by the Illinois Gaming Board. Licensed establishments can have up to 5 video gaming terminals at their locations.

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