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Running an Illinois Gaming Establishment

Apr 28, 2021 | Blog Posts, Illinois Gaming

Turning your establishment into a video gaming café can create considerable further income. In 2019, an average month of Illinois video gaming created $139,722,530 in total revenue. Additionally, VGTs draw in loyal new clients. On average, an establishment that offers video gaming terminals (VGT’s) generates $75,000 a year in commissions. That’s not chump transform.

The Basics of Running an Illinois Gaming Establishment

It became possible to run a business that incorporated gambling machines when Illinois passed the Illinois Video Gaming Act in 2009. The law specified 4 varieties of establishments seeking licenses to supply video slot machines if neighborhood ordinances allowed. (Some municipalities did and still do see fit to prohibit gambling machines.) The four forms of the establishment are as follows:

Pouring establishments. As the name applies, they are enterprises with a liquor license to serve alcohol on-premises. Bars, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and dual license retailers are all considered pouring establishments;

Truck stops. They are gas stations or convenience retailers that occupy at least three acres, have separate diesel stands for commercial autos, designated industrial vehicle parking, and sell a minimum of 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel or biodiesel fuel monthly; Veterans’ and fraternal organizations with national charters.

Exactly Where Are You Able to Open an Illinois Gaming Establishment?

While Illinois law will not location any unique restrictions on video game cafes, quite a few municipalities impose their own restrictions, regulations, added costs, and other licensing needs. For starters, the Illinois Gaming Board offers a list of municipalities that let video gaming and municipalities that don’t be applied as a resource for potential new gaming establishments. Nevertheless, it is critical to note that every municipality might have stricter guidelines in place regarding gaming operations within their jurisdiction. For example, residency needs, i.e., an establishment should be in enterprise to get a set period (normally 12 months) ahead of acquiring a municipal gaming license, limits on the number of liquor licenses, gaming establishment licenses, or VGT licenses allowed within municipal lines, particular limitations on several gaming cafes (or outright banning of cafes) and building code specifications for installation of VGTs.

Acquiring A License Operate an Illinois Gaming Café?

Does your establishment meet the criteria? Is it in a municipality that enables video gaming cafés? In that case, receiving a license for a gaming café is usually a multi-step procedure. Amongst other points, the application course of action will include things like a thorough background verify for all owners and persons of substantial influence and handle (PSIC). You may count on a full review of public records of crimes, felonies, and misdemeanors like unsettled debts and domestic disputes. The Board will also look at any past failure to follow gaming licensing requirements (for instance, operating unlicensed games and gambling).

Such a thorough investigation procedure will aim to make honest, ethical men and women run certain gaming establishments.


Video Gaming is regulated by the Illinois Gaming Board. Licensed establishments can have up to 5 video gaming terminals at their locations.

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