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The Crazy Gaming of Game Parlour Machines in Illinois

Aug 20, 2019 | Blog Posts, Game Parlour Machines in Illinois

Game parlour machines in Illinois, those arcade-like money-sucking devices that professional gamblers eschew. Are there truly any benefits to playing game machines? Oddly enough, there are. But some benefits are preferable to others, and just because you derive some benefit from playing a game machine does not mean you should gamble. Remember that gambling is all about taking a risk with no guarantee of recovering whatever you lose. Game machines are designed to pay back less money to players than the players put into them. That is, after all, how casinos make profits on game machines. So those jackpots that you sometimes hear about are being paid by other players, not by the casinos.

How Does Game Parlour Machines in Illinois Work?

A game machine is just like any other game in one respect: it evokes a feeling of victory in you when you win something. Your body experiences a chemical change when you actually “win” at any game. Not only does your brain release endorphins (the natural narcotic that makes you feel “high”) but it also produces leptin. The higher your leptin levels are the more satisfied you feel. Some experiments show that the best marathon runners have low levels of leptin, meaning they are less likely to be satisfied with their performance.

Gamblers who produce high levels of leptin are more likely to walk away after a win because they are more likely to feel satisfied with the win. This is important for your overall health because leptin is a chemical moderator that helps you control your urges. If getting simple wins feels satisfying to you then playing a few rounds on the slots can produce a very relaxing feeling if you come out even slightly ahead. But of course, each of us reacts in a slightly different way to the stimulation of winning at slots; and the size of the win, the frequency of the wins, even the infrequency of wins all contribute to a different experience for us each time we game and between gamers.

Lessons in Gambling

Beyond the well-documented chemical changes that gamblers experience, there are other benefits to playing game machines. If you gamble on a regular basis then applying for a club membership at your favorite casino means your gambling can earn you points toward redemptions of merchandise, sometimes even free slot spins. In this way, your money is not completely spent on time watching game machine reels spin.

What game parlour machines in Illinois cannot teach you is which casino games offer the best return to players. In fact, game machines are considered the least favorable games for players. Casinos make most of their profits from game machine games, and so the benefit to casinos from game machines is that they can make a lot of money.


Video Gaming is regulated by the Illinois Gaming Board. Licensed establishments can have up to 5 video gaming terminals at their locations.

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