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The Future of Illinois Gaming Companies

May 18, 2021 | Blog Posts, Illinois Gaming Companies

In 2019, the Illinois Property and Senate passed SB690, a law that implemented gaming expansion all through the state. In response, the Illinois Gaming Board is actively placing procedures in spot to implement these new Illinois gaming rules. Happily, the majority of the alterations to Illinois gambling laws are advantageous. They represent expanded possibilities for profit.

The Constructive Alterations to Illinois Gaming

Enhanced maximum bet. Illinois gaming companies’ maximum wager on video gambling terminals (VGTs) is increasing from $2 to $4, also there’s a rise in maximum cash win. The maximum cash award for the maximum wager is growing from $500 to $1195.

In-location bonus jackpots. As soon as the IGB determines the procedures for implementing them, Illinois video gaming web pages are going to be in a position to implement “In-location Bonus Jackpots.” These might be cumulative jackpots that can create as higher as $10,000.

Illinois gaming companies putting a lot more VGTs per place. Illinois gaming companies could formerly have five VGTs per location. That number now increases to six.

Massive truck stops. The alterations to Illinois gambling laws produce a brand new category of establishment allowed to operate VGTs. This really is the “large truck stop.” To qualify as a big truck quit, the small business ought to meet all the needs for a frequent truck cease. Furthermore, it has to be inside 3 road miles of a freeway interchange and sell an average of 50,000 gallons or far more of diesel or biodiesel fuel a month. Substantial truck stops can have up to ten VGTs.

Illinois Video Gaming at Illinois State Fairs. Due to modifications within the Illinois gambling laws, the Illinois State Fair can now have 50 VGTs. The DuQuoin State Fair can now have 30.

Much easier, more quickly VGT servicing. There’s no longer a requirement for IGB agents to become physically present when VGTs are serviced. After the information is worked out, Licensed Terminal Handlers will likely be capable to manage RAM clears and VGT and software install. Also, they could remove machines for repair extra expeditiously.

The Adverse Alterations to Illinois Gaming

Tax raise. These revisions also come with a tax increase. Before July 1, 2019, the tax imposed on licensees was 30%. The price increased to 33% of a VGT’s net earnings and can visit 34% on July 1, 2020. The revenue split between Location and Terminal Operator and Place will remain the exact same, nevertheless. It can nevertheless be a 50/50 split of your balance. The tax revenue will continue to contribute to the State’s Capital Projects Fund.

Adjustments to Illinois Casinos

The adjustments to Illinois gambling laws will let for six added casinos. This incorporates one mega-casino in Chicago. The old maximum quantity was ten. Henceforth, having said that, there is often as a lot of as 16.

Larger casinos. Previous legislation limited Illinois casinos to 1,200 gambling positions. The Williamson County casino will nevertheless possess a maximum of 1,200. So will horse racing tracks. The Rockford, Danville, Waukegan, and Cook County townships casinos can all have two,000 gambling seats, however. The Chicago mega-casino can have four,000.


Video Gaming is regulated by the Illinois Gaming Board. Licensed establishments can have up to 5 video gaming terminals at their locations.

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