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Exploring Video Gaming Terminal Operators: Advantages and Disadvantages

May 1, 2023 | Blog Posts, Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator

Video gaming terminal operators (VGT operators) play a significant role in the gaming industry, particularly in states where video gaming terminals are legal. These companies facilitate the operation of gaming terminals in various establishments, offering advantages and disadvantages for the operators and the locations hosting these terminals. In this article, we will delve into the benefits and drawbacks of VGT operators, as well as introduce a company, Lucky Street Gaming, that provides VGT operator services in Illinois.

Advantages of Video Gaming Terminal Operators:

1. Revenue Generation: One of the primary advantages of partnering with a VGT operator is the potential for increased revenue. Businesses such as bars, restaurants, and truck stops can benefit from a share of the proceeds generated by video gaming terminals. This additional income can be a significant boost to their bottom line.

2. Expertise and Compliance: VGT operators are well-versed in the regulations and compliance requirements of the gaming industry. They take on the responsibility of ensuring that the gaming terminals adhere to all relevant laws, which can be a complex and time-consuming task for business owners. This expertise helps establishments avoid legal issues and maintain their gaming licenses.

3. Diverse Game Selection: VGT operators typically offer games catering to various customer preferences. This variety can help establishments attract a broader customer base, keeping players engaged and encouraging repeat visits.

4. Maintenance and Support: Operators also handle the maintenance and technical support for the gaming terminals. This means that businesses don’t need to worry about the upkeep of the machines, ensuring they remain in good working condition.

5. Marketing and Promotion: VGT operators often invest in marketing and promotional efforts to attract more players to their partner establishments. This can include advertising campaigns and promotions that benefit the location and increase foot traffic.

Disadvantages of Video Gaming Terminal Operators:

1. Revenue Sharing: While VGT operators can significantly boost a business’s revenue, they also typically take a share of the earnings generated by the gaming terminals. This revenue-sharing model means that a portion of the profits goes to the operator, reducing the establishment’s overall income.

2. Dependence on the Operator: Businesses become somewhat dependent on VGT operators for the success of their gaming operations. If the operator faces financial or operational challenges, this can affect the stability of the gaming terminals and, in turn, the establishment’s income.

3. Control and Autonomy: Establishments may have limited control over the gaming terminals, as many decisions, such as game selection and terminal placement, are often made by the operator. This loss of autonomy can be a drawback for some business owners.

4. Regulatory Risks: Despite the expertise of VGT operators in compliance matters, businesses may still face regulatory risks if the operator makes errors or fails to stay updated with evolving regulations. This can lead to fines or even the suspension of gaming licenses.

Lucky Street Gaming in Illinois:

If you are looking for a video gaming terminal operator in Illinois, Lucky Street Gaming is a company that can help. Lucky Street Gaming is dedicated to providing establishments with a reliable and experienced partner in the video gaming industry. They offer a range of advantages to their partner locations, including revenue generation, compliance expertise, diverse game selection, maintenance and support, and marketing efforts. With a commitment to ensuring their partner businesses’ success, Lucky Street Gaming can help you navigate the complexities of the gaming industry in Illinois.

Video gaming terminal operators offer various advantages and disadvantages for businesses hosting gaming terminals. The decision to partner with a VGT operator should be made after careful consideration of these pros and cons. Lucky Street Gaming, with its experience and commitment to supporting partner establishments, is a noteworthy option for those seeking a VGT operator in Illinois. Whether you decide to partner with Lucky Street Gaming or another operator, it’s essential to research and choose a partner that aligns with your business goals and values.


Video Gaming is regulated by the Illinois Gaming Board. Licensed establishments can have up to 5 video gaming terminals at their locations.

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