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Next Step for Illinois Gaming License Approval

Dec 10, 2021 | Blog Posts, Illinois Gaming License Approval

The Illinois Gaming Board has given the green light to three new casinos, and it will issue licenses to those who can meet its requirements. This article provides an overview of what the board is looking for in a casino applicant.


The Process of Getting Illinois Gaming License Approval

The first thing the board looks for is a solid business plan. The applicant should know what they want to do and how they will be able to run it as a successful casino. They also need an understanding of Illinois’ current gaming laws, which can change from year-to-year. Once that’s established then the applicant needs to go through some steps before being considered by the state:

First, applicants have to submit their paperwork online with all necessary forms filled out in full detail according to every requirement set forth by the Gaming Board. Applicants are required at this point not only to provide documentation but answer questions about themselves and their businesses on said documents so that there are no misunderstandings later down the line when Illinois gaming license approval happens.

That usually happens about three months after the initial application is submitted. If there are no red flags, Illinois gaming license approval will be granted within a month later provided no new documents need to be added or information changed on said forms. One may call the Gaming Board at (312)603-8480 if they have any questions before submitting their applications for Illinois gaming license approval which you can find online by looking up “Illinois Gaming Board” and clicking on each of those words individually because that’s how it works now in this day and age with our great technology.


Alternative Way to Get Illinois Gaming License Approval

Another way to write these sentences: Illinois’ current gaming laws, which change from year-to-year. Once established then an applicant needs to go through  Illinois gaming license approval. This application has to be filled out and sent in with the required documents attached which can include forms, tax returns, letters of recommendation from local officials, Illinois background check form 20 ILCS 2635/75 within 30 days after submitting said Illinois gaming license application.

Once all the requirements are met you will receive a response back usually within 60-90 business days but if no problems or questions regarding your Illinois licensing process arise then this time period may shorten considerably so it is important to make sure everything submitted for Illinois licensing approval is accurate and up-to-date. It would also benefit applicants to call the IGB if they have any additional questions about what should go into their Illinois gaming license application or what they should expect throughout this Illinois gaming licensing process.


The Illinois Gaming Board

The Illinois gaming board is responsible for overseeing all Illinois casinos and other types of businesses that provide gambling activities to Illinois residents as well as out-of-state visitors who come into the state specifically to gamble at these venues. The Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) was established in 1989 by Public Act 85-1235 but its history dates back much further than that with similar regulatory boards dating back decades if not centuries before then such as those found during colonial times under British rule which were used to regulate various forms of public amusements including cockfighting, prizefighting, horse racing, bowling alleys, and even billiard galleries just to name a few examples.


Video Gaming is regulated by the Illinois Gaming Board. Licensed establishments can have up to 5 video gaming terminals at their locations.

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