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Video Gaming Illinois Fun and Activities

Sep 15, 2021 | Blog Posts, Video Gaming Illinois

Video gaming Illinois is a fun activity that has been around for decades. But video games also have a darker side, with video game addiction being a major social issue in Illinois and across the country. This article discusses video gaming Illinois, including video game addiction rates, why video gamers are addicted to their games, and what families can do if they believe someone they love has an addiction problem involving video games.

If video gaming is a problem in your family, there are steps you can take to help. When video game addiction gets out of control, the addict risks losing everything from their job and career to friends and relationships with loved ones. If video games get too much attention for an addict it could lead them down a darker path that may even involve drugs or alcohol abuse. Families should be aware of these signs so they know when someone has reached the point where professional treatment will be required to break free from video game addiction:


Constantly playing video games instead of working toward school and/or work goals

Video game addicts will often try to convince their loved ones that video games are a valid way of achieving success, even though most video gamers never accomplish much in life beyond an unfulfilling career.


Isolating themselves from family and friends

Many video game addicts will only associate with people who share their passion for video games instead of seeking out relationships that can help them grow as individuals. This is part of the trap set by video game addiction; it begins when someone feels left behind because they aren’t playing with everyone else anymore so they seek out others like them in order to feel accepted again. Unfortunately, this process usually worsens over time until real friendships have been forsaken completely.


Becoming defensive or irritable

Video game addiction can make people feel competitive when video games are involved. This is because video games often pit players against each other in a battle of skill and knowledge that will bring them the most reward or recognition from their peers, which is another reason why video gaming addicts may have trouble interacting with others outside of similar gamers. If this mindset starts to extend into everyday life it can be dangerous for anyone who crosses paths with an addict whose behavior has become increasingly aggressive as they attempt to defend themselves from what they see as criticism—even if there was no malice intended by whoever spoke up about their problem.


 Losing track of time

Many video game lovers lose hours at a time without realizing how much time has passed while playing. In fact, video game addiction has often been characterized as being similar to that of gambling because it is so difficult for addicts to manage the time spent playing video games.


It’s not easy

Video gamers can become very defensive about their hobby and will react harshly if they feel like someone is criticizing them, especially since video gaming Illinois itself is largely viewed by society as a solitary activity. However, there are also many positive things about video games – such as providing people with an opportunity to learn new skills or practice old ones – which aren’t discussed nearly enough.



Many employment opportunities involve networking and meeting others in person at events and conferences; however, those who play video games likely won’t be able to connect well with peers.


Video Gaming is regulated by the Illinois Gaming Board. Licensed establishments can have up to 5 video gaming terminals at their locations.

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