Video Gaming Terminals in Illinois: Slot Machines

by | Oct 3, 2019 | Blog Posts, Video Gaming Terminals in Illinois

You’ve made the decision to get slot machines. You signed on with a terminal operator and you’ve finally gone live with your machines. However, there may be a time in which you’ll find your machines stop working, so we’ve laid out everything you need to know if this should happen. As we all know, technology is not infallible. From cellphones to computers and more, most of us living in modern society know firsthand that dealing with a malfunctioning device can be stressful, confusing, and costly. With Video Gaming Terminals in Illinois, however, the burden of fixing a broken machine doesn’t rest on the business owner.

Despite best efforts to properly care for and regularly service the gaming machines at your establishment, technology can inevitably malfunction. Not to worry! With the help of your Terminal Operator as well as the Illinois Gaming Board, the process to get everything running smoothly is streamlined and simple. Getting your machine working and earning money is just a phone call away.


Terms and Policy

Download a cheat sheet of video gaming terminals in Illinois industry terms. You may have noticed a sign in the gaming area stating  who to call? This sign contains the service phone number leading directly to a video gaming terming operator main office. They have one call center for their statewide operation so you don’t have to be worried about being transferred somewhere across the state in order to discuss the issue.


Customer Service and Care

The service solutions manager will take your call and get the ball rolling. No long hold lines and no getting transferred endlessly to other departments. It is just a conversation with a real person who is ready to help find a solution. During the call, the service solutions manager will log all pertinent info: name of your location, city, which machine is having the issue, and what the issue entails. From there, the video gaming operator will dispatch a technician to you on the same day.

On average, it takes around an hour from the call coming in to the technician being onsite. Ninety eight percent of the issues they see can be fixed the same day. These repairs are at no cost to your business. The terminal operator handles all costs associated with broken machines except for those that are intentionally or maliciously damaged and go unreported. They dispatch the technician, pay them, and make sure your machine is fixed as soon as possible.

You see, the video gaming terminal operators take the success of their VGTs and their relationship with their customers very seriously. If a machine is broken, fixing it is their priority. You can trust them to get things back up and running again on a timeline that makes sense. After all, it’s their business to make sure the gaming industry remains accessible and beneficial to business owners and patrons across video gaming terminals in Illinois.


We pride ourselves on our white-glove service. We understand that our locations are high traffic areas, and you can be assured that we give your gaming room an impeccable impression!

We do not cut corners, we clean them.